Prepared Foods Program Relaunches

With the help of Chef Matt DeMille, we’ve relaunched our successful Prepared Foods Program. Designed to assist in improving prepared food departments with their offerings, we’ve refined the program with more updated recipes and helpful information.

Boulart Launches ROLL MODEL

Our 4 different flavored ciabatta bites, along with our individually wrapped bites, are not only NON-GMO project verified,Parve and vegan, but have also been recognized twice by the FABI awards.This honorary title celebrates the most outstanding breakthroughs in taste, marketability, creativity and profitability in food service operations. To increase Boulart’s notoriety, as well as to highlight the success of these products, we’ve created a new campaign called ROLL MODEL. This campaign was launched in Toronto, on February 17th, on Random Act of Kindness day. We distributed our ‘’roll model’’ wrapped bites, to inspire people to be better role models on this special day. People were also able to share their good deeds using the #BoulartRollModel hashtag. They were also able to discover our unique products and information on where to buy them.

Boulart Launches the Cranberry & Chocolate Loaf

Introducing the limited-edition Cranberry & Chocolate Loaf, the closest Boulart has come to making dessert. Featuring decadent dark chocolate chunks and dried cranberries, this heavenly loaf is the perfect holiday treat.

Introducing Everything Bun + Focaccia Sandwich

Boulart has launched two new breads. The Everything Bun features the same combination of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sea salt and dried garlic that you’d find on an everything bagel. The Focaccia Sandwich Bun is a smaller version of our award-winning Focaccia, with flavours of olive oil and fine herbs.

Boulart Launches I LOAF YOU at Seattle International Film Festival 2018

To increase Boulart’s brand awareness in the US and to highlight the success of our wrapped bites, we launched the I LOAF YOU campaign. It was first introduced in Seattle during the Film Festival (SIFF) from May 21st to June 5th. Our partner JLM has distributed the bites to festival-goers, who greatly appreciated them.